Media Room

This room started as a glorified storage closet and had no defined purpose. The downstairs living spaces have no sound barrier between them, making this upstairs spare room the ideal place to create a luxuriously themed theater room. 

We wanted the clients to feel like they were being transported to a real theater when they walked into this space. With that in mind, we opted for rich textures and bold colors. We filled the room with a wall to wall velvet chaise sectional framed out by a custom sofa table with built-in power sources. Amber glass wall sconces provide indirect warm light, and the flush mount chandelier casts a sparkling glow. Velvet blackout curtains and matte paint were used to prevent unwanted light reflection, and painting the ceiling gives it a cozy feel. A faux sheepskin area rug breaks up the dark colors used throughout, and what theater is complete without a concession stand? The small walk-in closet was converted to house a mini fridge and plenty of junk food. We were even able to frame the client’s movie poster puzzles to use as a main feature.