Boy's Bedroom

This boy's room previously lacked a cohesive design, and while it was necessary to give it a purposeful feel, it was also imperative that any changes would age well with a growing child.

Most, if not all, of the furniture was already in this room. Our goal was to find an arrangement that better suited the square footage without feeling too cramped. Because he has a large dresser to house most of his clothes, the closet could be converted to a reading nook. The addition of a rope ladder to reach the loft was a fun way to impress this young client. Mixing wood and metal furniture leans into the industrial look of this room, without feeling mismatched. The faux wainscot (adding a high chair rail and painting the lower portion of the wall) in blue added a huge impact without a lot of work. The paint color is a perfect transition color because it has both warm and cool undertones. The rich gray undertones give a velvety look and keep it from looking too bright.