Jennifer Higgins


My goal is creating a design that improves the form and function of spaces within a home. Home is supposed to feel comfortable, cozy, and yes, even peaceful. The feeling of coming home is special, and exactly what I want to harness when creating a design. It’s our hope that we create an experience that is fun and exciting for our clients, and ultimately helps them love their home even more.

Ann Marie Design Co. started long before it began…we met years ago when our young sons forced us into one of those awkward mom moments where you find yourself “dating” another mom so your kid can play with another kid. While we were both true to form and awkward at first, little did we know that a fateful meeting at the mailbox would lead to us becoming the closest of friends & future business partners.

The use of our quintessential 1980s middle names (Jennifer Ann & Janna Marie), defines our partnership perfectly; we meet in the middle to produce collaborative designs that facilitate feelings of coziness, comfort, and calm in your home.

Janna Bona


I aim to design spaces that reflect & augment a client’s unique style, but also fits their needs. I want my designs to invoke feelings of warmth, comfort, and contentment within the home. Accordingly, organization is always at the forefront of my mind when working with clients. It not only helps streamline aesthetics, it also reduces stress in all aspects of life. I believe that a home can not only feel good, but can look good, too.